ISO Certification

All our temporary buildings, warehouses and temporary structures are designed and manufactured in our ISO Certified production facility.

The requirements for achieving this certification are stringent with each holder being audited in depth twice a year to ensure they are maintaining the achieved standards.

The ISO 9001 Certificate is awarded for quality systems in management, design, manufacturing and supply of products and services. HTS tentiQ not only maintains this standard for the design, manufacture and supply of temporary buildings and structures but constantly aims to exceed it. By doing this we are continually setting and raising the industry benchmark in terms of quality, innovation and expertise.

ISO 14001

Launched in 1996, ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized standard. The requirements allow a company to have in place an effective Environmental Management System that can be bench-marked, measured and improved. By meeting the standards for ISO 14001 HTS tentiQ is showing a resolute commitment to continually measure and reduce the environmental impact of its operation.

Creating an Environmental Management System that meets ISO 14001 means real benefits will be seen in terms of: a reduction in waste, use of resources and operating costs, as well as a greater conformance to legislative and regulatory requirements in relation to overall environmental impact.

By achieving ISO 14001 HTS tentiQ is exhibiting a forward thinking and innovative culture to all its stakeholders.

CE Marking

From 1st July 2013 the CPR (Construction Products Regulation) made CE Marking mandatory in all European Union member states for all construction products that are permanently incorporated in to a building or civil engineering works and are covered by either a harmonized standard or a European Technical Assessment that is in force. The CPR also makes it clear that CE Marking has implications for the supply chain and places legal obligations on the construction supply chain including ‘manufacturers’, ‘importers’ and ‘distributors’ of construction products.

By using the CE Mark on our temporary building products we are declaring that, as a manufacturer, our products and all the components and materials used, conform to all the EU safety and environmental legal requirements to be sold throughout the EEA.

For the customer, this means we can trace all our raw materials back to source and guarantee that they meet the required level of quality. Most importantly though, it means every temporary building we design, manufacture and install not only achieves this overall level of quality but we can also guarantee the highest level of safety.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

HTS tentiQ designs and manufacturers all the components for our temporary building and temporary warehouse products in-house at our German based production facility; one of the largest and most technically advanced of its kind.

By working directly with HTS tentiQ as an Original Equipment Manufacturer you will benefit from low prices, extensive product choice, unbeatable in-depth product knowledge, full warranties and raw materials of the highest quality leading to superior, fully engineered end products.


Need more information? The HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings technical support and service team is just one call away.