Installation Method for Temporary Buildings

One of the most surprising things about temporary buildings is the remarkably fast and easy installation method. And, the fact that this very simple build technique doesn’t have any impact on long-term use or durability.

What is it that facilitates such an easy installation method and are there other benefits derived from this other than fast on-site space?

How is it so easy?

The industrial aluminium frame is lightweight enough not to need the load-bearing provided from ground-works, but also strong enough to comply with building codes and structural safety standards globally.

So, it’s this unique combination that means temporary buildings can be anchored down onto existing or new concrete bases, without needing to dig and prepare foundations.

Benefits for a modern fragile world

The installation technique creates a multitude of benefits derived from the easy dismantle and removal. Short-term, temporary and low risk all become possibilities that are well suited to the modern commercial world.

Equally, the materials and easy installation brings temporary buildings in line with the environmental challenges none of us can ignore any longer. Minimal materials, a frame engineered from one of the ‘greenest’ metals and a ‘raison d etre’ that is centred around hire and re-use all prove temporary buildings could hold a key place in the future of manufacturing and industry.

See for yourself

This video demonstrates the installation method for temporary buildings. This project took under a week and the building was installed onto an existing level concrete surface.


Future proof benefits

The direct benefit the temporary building installation method brings is clear – the user gets more space quickly and affordably.

The more indirect or long-term benefits might come to light as these structures become more integrated into a business operation.

No huge capital outlay and hire contracts create very low financial risk for businesses that go hand in hand with an unpredictable financial world.  Equally, environmentally friendly materials, low impact build process and the ability to re-use and recycle make them a fitting solution for a fragile world.

 You can view our various temporary buildings and create your own structure using our on-line Configurator tool here.

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