Storage buildings for fast on-site industrial space

storage tent

Storage buildings for industrial use come in various shapes, sizes and configurations including permanent units for sale or lease, shipping containers, steel prefab buildings or aluminium prefab storage buildings.

Many people refer to the latter as industrial tents as they consider the frame to be similar to a modern clear span marquee. This however is incorrect.

The frame may look like a marquee frame but it’s actually a much bigger profile (thicker). This means it can match the durability of more permanent buildings but also benefit from more flexibility in terms of use and finances.

So where do they get their durability and flexibility from and how can it benefit your business?

Strength and durability

There is much misunderstanding about aluminium framed storage buildings when it comes to quality. Often being temporary_warehousereferred to as temporary doesn’t help. This phrase however is derived from the ability to dismantle and re-use – it does not mean they can only be used for 6 months!

These storage buildings meet the UK’s (or other country specific) required building regs for structural safety and can be used on a short or long-term basis (many businesses have buildings up and in use for 20+ years).

Other misconceptions come from the installation technique which is similar to that of a modern clear-span marquee – anchoring the frame directly onto existing hard surfaces, usually concrete and not needing any ground-works.

The light aluminium frame used for storage buildings can however be substantially thicker than a marquee frame, but still retain the lightweight qualities that enable it to be installed in this way.

This creates a construction process that is fast (typically under a week), economical and non-disruptive to daily activity.

In turn this construction process creates the ability to dismantle, relocate and or modify easily, which naturally leads to hire contracts being available for short-term use alongside the option of sale for long-term needs.


Once businesses get their heads around the quality and durability versus the speed and cost of an aluminium storage building, the benefits created in terms of flexibility come thick and fast.

Imagine being able to expand and contract your on-site storage or operational space at the drop of a hat? Not losing profit to unforeseen sharp changes in external market, economical or political factors.

Image being able to accommodate the large unexpected new order or customer that you currently don’t have the space for, but know you can get – in-time, on-site and for minimal cost.

Imagine being able to bring all your off-site storage back under one roof in a few weeks for a fraction of the cost needed for permanent bricks and mortar? Consolidating stock, reducing fuel costs and tightening lead times.

Imagine your existing facilities being full to bursting but being able to create extra temporary on-site space for 12 months so your relocation project can be carefully planned instead of rushed into.

Image you need more production space and need to move some of your stock out of the warehouse ….. And so on.

Some serious flexibility benefits there that are hard to ignore. And, although these buildings won’t suit all businesses those that are using them can’t deny the fact that keeping operations efficient, economical and flexible has probably never been easier!

You can learn more about storage buildings here and find out how they can help your business.

By Kathy Kemp

Temporary Buildings & Warehouse Structures