6 reasons to choose a temporary building manufacturer

Entrepôts industriels temporairesWith many products you can choose whether to buy direct from the manufacturers or through a third party supplier.  Naturally we at HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings firmly believe clients benefit by choosing the manufacturers, because we are one!  How many of our reasons though are ours and ours alone or shared by other manufacturers and more importantly benefited from by the customers?

These are the reasons we believe it’s better to buy direct from the manufacturer for your temporary building and also in general.

1. Inside out

No one knows the product better.  The design and manufacturing process is understood from the inside out by the manufacturer.  It could also be said that more valuable and substantiated information is readily available in terms of design specification, raw materials used and their source, manufacturing practices and standards, product warranties and guarantees.

When you buy a temporary building from HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings we are able to provide regional and site specific building calculations which demonstrate how the structure has been engineered to comply with USA Building Codes.  We operate under and can provide evidence of ISO Certification and CE Marking; the latter meaning we can trace all our raw materials back to source and guarantee the level of quality needed.

Anything else that a customer needs to know about the product or needs evidenced in documentation can almost certainly be provided because the knowledge is there first hand.

2. Prices

Easy one this.  Buying directly from a manufacturer can result in being rewarded with factory direct or even ‘trade’ prices, so essentially no supplier mark-up.

When customers buy a temporary building from HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings they are able to buy a brand new building that is more often than not cheaper than if they bought from a supplier.  We can sometimes even sell a new building cheaper than a used building from a supplier.

3. Customisation

Many manufacturers are able to offer customised products alongside ‘off-the-shelf’. Suppliers can of course offer this too via their manufacturer but by talking directly to the manufacturer about your individual requirements means nothing is lost in translation.  And, if we are going along with the first point, talking to the manufacturer directly means all options will be made available because it’s only the manufacturer who has a true understanding of ‘all’ options.

HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings operate from a 64,000m² state of the art production centre in Germany which was commissioned and built specifically for the manufacture of standard and bespoke temporary building products.  Discussing projects directly with customers we know exactly and realistically what our capabilities are, what we can design and manufacture, how we can do it and when we can provide it.

4. Warranties

Manufacturer warranties come as standard when buying direct.  These could be warranties for the raw materials, bought in components and the end product itself.  With the case of a temporary building the product isn’t complete until it’s installed, checked and ready for operation, so warranties on the workmanship and construction are often provided by the manufacturer alongside the product warranty.

Buying from a supplier can mean some of these guarantees and warranties are lost along the supply chain, even when buying a brand new temporary building.  Choosing a second hand one from a supplier and you can move into murky territory.  Not only has a second hand building been used, the issue is you don’t know how long it’s been used for; how old it is and if (or when!) the warranties ran out.  Essentially, how safe it is, how long it’s going to last you and where’s your point of call when/if things start to go wrong.

5. Lead-times

Missing out the middle man and buying direct should streamline the whole process, making lead-times quicker.  Less communication, less paperwork and admin, less opportunity for mistakes, less people required, less decisions needed, less buck passing … you get the picture.

When you work with HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings your sales project manager will be in direct contact daily with the design team, the factory, the dispatch staff and the construction site manager.  They have the decision making authority throughout the whole process, keeping it streamlined, efficient, accurate and fast.

6. Accountability

A manufacturer has no excuses and nowhere to hide; it’s where the buck stops.  Any reputable manufacturer will accept full accountability and sort problems out quickly, fairly and correctly.  After-all, if the customer is well aware of point 1 above, they are well aware that the manufacturer has the knowledge and ability to solve any issue or problem.

Our experience and customer feedback tells us these reasons stand up in our industry.  It’s perhaps more important choosing a manufacturer when you’re buying a building as there are safety implications if you don’t know exactly what you’re buying or how old it is.  To a variable extent however the same reasons probably apply for many other products and industries.

Whether you choose the manufacturer or supplier for a temporary building it’s essential to know and have documentation for: structural calculations, warranties and age of the building if it’s second hand.  If a supplier can’t provide these, we would serious recommend moving on to a manufacturer or alternative source.

You can read more about HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings’S design and manufacturing capabilities here.

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