Temporary buildings in an instant?

Instant temporary building for fast on-site storage

Many people are now referring to temporary buildings as ‘instant’ or ‘rapid-build’.   Giving them the label of ‘instant temporary buildings’ would probably be stretching the imagination a bit – blink and a car park becomes an industrial warehouse!

However, comparing the supply and build time to that of bricks and mortar and the ‘instant’ title starts to earn its place – after all, being able to accommodate company growth and expansion in a couple of weeks instead of 12 months is probably going to create a fairly instant boost to many business balance sheets.  How long does it actually take though to acquire a fully operational temporary building and can the fast turn-around really help create those ‘instant’ business benefits?

Instant features and flexible benefits

Temporary buildings have many benefits but the fast turnaround is probably one of the most important; enquiry to installation can take between 4 to 6 weeks if you are having a building manufactured, or between 1 to 2 weeks if you are taking a used building from stock.

Key factors that contribute to this ‘instant’ space are:

  • Typically no groundworks are needed and buildings are anchored down onto existing hard surfaces.
  • Buildings are a simple modular design and don’t require any architectural design work.
  • Instant temporary buildings are built using a lightweight aluminium frame which is quick and easy to handle, transport and install.
  • The choice of cladding, access options and ancillary items are simple and easy but extremely robust, versatile and functional.

All the above benefits turn the ‘instant’ benefit into flexible benefits once the building becomes part of your business; crucially the lightweight aluminium and construction method means the buildings can be easily dismantled and removed, allowing for hire contracts and flexible finance options.

They also turn into significant cost benefits; initial outlay is reduced by probably around 75% when compared to a traditional build and long-term binding investment practically disappears.

Of course ‘instant’ space is also more traditionally available by leasing off-site industrial units. But, being able to keep all storage and operations under one roof can only help to improve operational efficiency, stock traceability, lead times, customer loyalty and eventual ongoing sustainable growth.

When would businesses look for instant space?

Many companies look for fast space for the following reasons:

  • Unforeseen large contracts and growth opportunities
  • Ongoing organic growth
  • Refurbishment programmes
  • Seasonal demand
  • Fire damage
  • The need to consolidate off-site storage under one roof
  • Weather protection
  • Interim space before relocating

And much more. In-fact the ability to have fast additional space as opposed to waiting would probably be appreciated by most companies in most circumstances so they can keep an upper hand over competitors and meet the fickle demands of ever changing consumer minds.

Instant temporary buildings claiming the title?

The claim to ‘instant’ taken literally is a bit far-fetched. But, when you’re talking about something that traditionally has taken anything from 6 months to 6 years (if you’re really unlucky!), then the idea of a fortnight to get a new 1,000 sqm warehouse building on-site does seem pretty ‘instant’. Businesses new to temporary buildings quite rightly ask if the ‘instant’ delivery affects quality and durability.

Amazingly though it doesn’t. Most temporary building manufacturers design their structures to meet the USA’s Building Codes in terms of structural integrity. This means, in lay-mans, terms they are strong enough to withstand the  maximum snow and wind-loads.  In-fact, many manufacturers will design buildings to specific site and area requirements as opposed to country generic ones, making them even stronger.

So, perhaps not technically ‘instant’ but in comparison to traditional buildings, ‘almost’ and as for the commercial benefits, definitely!

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By Kathy Kemp

Temporary Buildings & Warehouse Structures