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What are temporary industrial buildings and who are we?

temporary_warehouseTemporary industrial buildings are aluminium framed structures that are available for hire or sale and can be built directly onto existing hard surfaces in, typically, under a week. Easy to demount, relocate, remove, modify or extend they are fast becoming the favourite choice for industrial and commercial businesses needing quick and affordable additional space for warehousing, operational activity, logistics, retail and leisure.

HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings is a specialist division of HTS Clearspan Structure Systems Inc.; a global, award winning manufacturer of temporary structures.

The division specialises in the design, manufacture, hire and sale of standard and customised temporary buildings for industrial and commercial uses.

Working with HTS INDUSTRIAL comes with all the benefits of dealing directly with the manufacturer as opposed to a middle man, including: low pricing, large choice, full warranties and new factory direct buildings.


What will we be writing about?

Quite simply the pros and cons of temporary industrial buildings and how using them could help your business. Being knowledgeable and informed of this relatively new concept gives businesses another option to consider when they need more space, over and above the more established solutions of leasing space off site, relocating or investing in a permanent building. Having this knowledge at your fingertips is key to business success and continuity when the need for more space falls quickly and heavily onto your desk.

We will be covering areas such as design and build quality, speed and method of installation, planning requirements, pros and cons against other solutions, whether to hire or buy and much more.

Each of our posts will focus on these different elements in more detail and assess the advantages and any disadvantages to businesses.


Build your own temporary industrial building with our configurator!


Along with our new website we’ve launched something a bit special.

For those of you who want to create your own temporary industrial building we’ve included a configurator on this site.

Simple and quick to use you can turn your specification into a building in under a minute, adding different wall and roof cladding, colour options, doors and optional extras as you go.

Finish the process by sending your building design to us and we will provide you with an estimate within 24 hours.

Look out for our next post which will be assessing the pros and cons of working directly with a manufacturer or through a supplier for your industrial temporary building project. In the meantime you can sign up to our blog or monthly e-news below.

By Kathy Kemp.

Temporary Buildings & Warehouse Structures