Temporary Storage and Workshop Building

Temporary Storage and Workshop Building
Temporary Storage and Workshop Building
Temporary Storage and Workshop Building
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    L-SERIES Insulated Temporary Building

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  • Roof Type

    Thermo Roof System


A leading global company that produces household and personal products commissioned a temporary building from HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings for their large regional depot. Their requirement was for HTS to supply a storage and workshop solution.


Because the temporary building was being used as a workshop a Thermo insulated building was supplied which comprised of a double skin insulated roof.

Both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, the insulated roof consist of two layers of robust industrial grade PVC coated polyester material which are inflated by means of an automatic low pressure air compressor pump. Each roof cover is linked to the next by specially designed air-pipes which, when installed, maintains air pressure into the roof sections. This roof system creates an insulating effect which helps control temperature and also radically minimises the risk of internal condensation forming on the inside of the roof.

The walls were supplied with 40mm thick insulated cladding. HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings insulated panels are CFC/HCFC free, environmentally friendly and fire safe insurance approved for total peace of mind. This advanced product offers a superior thermal “U” value of 0.56W/m²K thus reducing the company`s overall heating and cooling costs.

Access was created via a manual roller shutter door and two personnel fire doors to comply with the health and safety requirements.

A complete gutter system with down pipes, lighting and water ingress protection completed the warehouse building.


Working with HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings meant the client could obtain the degree of insulation needed to create an operational workshop environment. HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings can manufacture any workshop building to order whilst retaining the use of standard designs and components. All of which ensures a customized building that is fast and affordable.