Loading Storage Canopies for Goods In/Out Operation

Loading Storage Canopies for Goods In/Out Operation
Loading Storage Canopies for Goods In/Out Operation
Loading Storage Canopies for Goods In/Out Operation
  • Building

    LC Series Storage Canopies

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  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Single skin roof system


The client requiring loading storage canopies to cover a goods in/out operation was a global leader of energy management products and digital solutions. Their current set up for unloading and loading was open to the elements and goods that were waiting to be loaded or taken through to the warehouse sometimes spent time uncovered. To avoid any stock damage or time wasted moving goods in and out of the warehouse, they knew a simple but effective system of covering the loading activity and transient storage was required.


Although the company needed a quick and affordable solution, they were particularly interested in taking advantage of the hire options available on temporary buildings and avoiding the large capital outlay of purchasing two new loading storage canopies outright.

The client considered a few temporary building suppliers, eventually signing with HTS. Hiring temporary buildings with some suppliers can mean you get old ex-hire stock and a mis-match of components. This not only makes the building less visually acceptable, but it also runs the risk of making it less durable and structurally secure.

All of HTS buildings are manufactured to order regardless of whether it’s a purchase or hire contract. This means they are customized for the site and project in terms of general specification but also structural calculations and tolerance to wind and snow loads.

The final building specified, manufactured and installed by HTS was the following:

  • 2 x loading storage canopies – 15.00m x 15.00m x 6.20m
  • Single skin PVC roof
  • External guttering
  • Both canopies were installed in one week

HTS had to work with an uneven site that was on an incline. To accommodate this, leg inserts were calculated by the HTS Site Manager and manufactured to order.

The HTS Site Management team also had to work closely with the client to ensure the install didn’t disrupt their day to day loading/unloading operation which needed to remain at full capacity throughout.


The client now has the cover they need to ensure all goods waiting for loading or warehouse storage are under cover at all times. Stock, employees and machinery are now also undercover during the loading and unloading process, avoiding wet damage to stock or equipment and potential low staff moral.

Any large capital outlay has been avoided by opting for a hire contract but the client has still received two brand-new loading storage canopies that were specified and manufactured for the site and project.