Temporary Distribution Warehouse

Temporary Distribution Warehouse
Temporary Distribution Warehouse
Temporary Distribution Warehouse
  • Building

    L-SERIES Thermo Insulated Distribution Warehouse

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo roof system


The client needed a temporary warehouse to provide additional storage and internal loading space adjacent to their existing building. The storage and distribution warehouse would enable the client to create a “loop system” for improved efficiency in daily deliveries and dispatches. 


A 20.00m x 40.00m with an eave height to 6.20m L-SERIES warehouse with a Thermo insulated roof was supplied and installed. The temporary storage warehouse was equipped with 3 x personnel doors, 4 x electric roller shutter door units, 40mm insulated composite sandwich panel walls and 1 x external gutter system with downpipes. To ensure dry covered access for forklifts the temporary warehouse was then linked to the client’s existing warehouse facility via a bespoke tunnel link supplied and manufactured by HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings.


Being able to link a temporary building to an existing permanent structure is often key to the ongoing success of a customer’s operation; as demonstrated with this project. The ability to design and install links that are secure, water tight and able to flex with the temporary building but be structurally secure against the permanent rigid building is something HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings can achieve above most competitors.