Loading Bay Canopy Keeps Freight Dry

Loading Bay Canopy Keeps Freight Dry
Loading Bay Canopy Keeps Freight Dry
Loading Bay Canopy Keeps Freight Dry
  • Building

    L-SERIES Canopy Building

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Single skin roof system


Our client needed to find a quick and cost effective way of ensuring all loading and unloading activity was carried out under cover at their logistics distribution hub.   The customer was pleased to learn that a loading bay canopy structure from HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings could be purchased and installed in unparalleled time using chemical resin anchors for fixing the building to the existing concrete surface without the need for new expensive foundations.


We provided a 30.00m wide by 30.00m length canopy building with a 5.20m eave height which allowed sufficient space for articulated trailer access. The canopy structure was a supplied with a single skin roof system and an external gutter system. The structure was delivered to site 3 weeks from date of receiving the clients confirmed order and was fully installed and operational 4 days later.


With the loading canopy fully operational at the main hub site the client can now ensure all customer freight is kept dry and protected from wet damage at all times. It also means any negative repercussions are avoided including unnecessary waste, loss of business, higher insurance premiums, loss of pallet network membership and potential safety issues from loading and unloading in wet or icy conditions.

Loading bay canopy buildings from HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings are a very simple, quick and economical way to avoid all these serious threats to business success. They come in multiple sizes and eave heights to accommodate double deck trailers and can also be easily linked to existing warehouses.