Large Industrial Canopy for Leading Car Manufacturer

Large Industrial Canopy for Leading Car Manufacturer
Large Industrial Canopy for Leading Car Manufacturer
Large Industrial Canopy for Leading Car Manufacturer
  • Building

    L-SERIES Temporary Canopy

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Single Layer PVC


One of the most renowned car manufacturers in the world came to HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings for help when they needed extra industrial canopy space for storing finished automotive body parts. The goods needed to be safely stored prior to shipment but the current set up meant there was nowhere to do this.

The company had considered leasing space off-site but it proved to be too expensive. Being able to keep the storage on-site also meant they could reduce transport and other logistical costs.


 The client had previous experience of temporary buildings, with other suppliers. And, although convinced about the benefits of temporary industrial buildings and canopies, they knew they wanted to find a new partner for this project.

On the hunt for a more trustworthy and credible provider they found HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings.  Early on in the process they realised HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings were one of the most established and technically advanced manufacturers of temporary buildings and could be trusted to deliver the quality product and service needed at a competitive price.  

Because the goods were only going to be stored for short periods of time HTS tentiQ recommended using canopies as opposed to complete buildings. Open canopies would not only provide the short term weather protection needed, but also give artic lorries easy and quick access for loading.  

HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings designed and manufactured one of the largest temporary industrial canopies ever used in the UK for this project. Using four 25.00m wide canopies linked together, a structure 100m wide by 80.00m long and 6.20m to the eave was created.

As the requirement was for a temporary period, the client opted to hire the canopies securing the extra space for the specific time frame and project.


 With the extra space now fully functional on site, the company can continue with their production and highly anticipated launch of the new range.