Bespoke Industrial Loading Canopy

Bespoke Industrial Loading Canopy
Bespoke Industrial Loading Canopy
Bespoke Industrial Loading Canopy
  • Building

    L-SERIES Canopy Building

  • Width

    10.00 & 25.00m

  • Length

    20.00 & 35.00m

  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Single skin roof system


A specialist logistics company had an urgent need for a large customised canopy loading bay for a goods in/out operation. This was essentially to ensure all their customers’ freight was kept dry and protected during the loading and unloading process.


Once a HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings representative had carried out a site survey an industrial canopy solution was proposed that consisted of 2 x L-SERIES Canopies linked to the existing on-site building to ensure complete integration with the current storage and distribution operation. The loading bay canopy buildings were designed, manufactured and installed within 6 weeks from the order date. This particular project included ground-works and structural engineering, all of which were done within the 6 week window. To ensure the new loading area could accommodate double-deck trailers a 6.20m eave height was used.  


The client was very pleased with the end result and could confidently reassure all customers that there was no risk of their freight being affected by any kind of wet damage. Loading Bay Canopies provide vital weather protection for loading bays as Logistics companies are constantly faced with increased scrutiny and rejection rates for water damaged consignments.