Warehouse Canopy Extension Facilitates Growth for Logistics Company

warehouse canopy extension
operational warehouse canopy extension
canopy extension for warehouse
  • Building

    L-Series Warehouse Canopy Extension

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Single Layer PVC


The client who came to us with a requirement for a warehouse canopy extension was a reputable and established family run logistics company who had been in the industry for nearly 50 years. Their experience, customer service and first-class warehousing facilities meant the company was enjoying progressive organic growth. This was however meaning that they were rapidly outgrowing their existing facilities. Unless they could expand with additional storage and loading space they were going to struggle to meet the ever-increasing demand. To avoid this, they needed a solution quickly.


Although they were in talks with other temporary building providers the client liked the fact that HTS could provide an original German quality product that was designed and manufactured in-house. They were also impressed with the overall presentation of the company, from first internet enquiry through to the site visits and documentation. Feeling confident in HTS as their chosen partner, they went on to order the following canopy extension:

  • Warehouse canopy extension installed next to the existing warehouse facility
  • 30.00m wide by 25.00m long by 6.2m eave height
  • Corrugated steel wall panels in the company’s corporate green
  • Build time – 5 days

Although the install program needed to be carried out while the client remained fully operational, the experienced HTS site management teams are extremely experienced at working in and around a busy operational site.


The company was able to expand their operational space quickly and affordably ensuring organic growth and increasing demand could be met. They are now looking at a second building for additional storage that will link up with the warehouse canopy extension and sit alongside the existing warehouse facility.