New Modular Warehouse Replaces Old Storage Shed

Green modular warehouse in use
Modular warehouse used for bulk storage
Small modular warehouse
  • Building

    LT Series Modular Warehouse

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Insulated


The client who needed a new modular warehouse was an animal feed retailer. The building was to be used for the delivery of animal feeds and to replace an existing facility which was old and no longer compliant with local Building Regulations The existing old building was also no longer big enough to accommodate new stock coming in.


The client approached 3 companies in total, HTS and two other modular warehouse building providers. Once they understood that, by being the industry manufacturer, HTS could offer the best price, choice, warranties and product knowledge, they wasted no time in placing the order. The final modular warehouse building specified, manufactured, delivered and installed by HTS was:

  • 15.00m wide x 15.00m long x 4.20m eave height
  • Green steel sheet wall panels
  • Thermo insulated roof
  • 1 x personnel door unit
  • 1 x roller shutter door unit
  • External gutter system and down-pipes
  • Build time – 4 days

HTS worked closely with the client on timings for the build program to ensure the operation and trading remained at full strength during the whole project. Stock was carefully run down in the existing facility during the dismantle program so the HTS warehouse could be used for new deliveries once it was finished and operational.


The client was able to replace and increase their existing ‘un-safe’ storage space with a brand-new modular warehouse that complied with local Building Control.    The quick and easy build process meant that no trading was lost and the operation remained at 100% capacity throughout.