Industrial Storage Tents for Weather Protection

industrial storage tents weather protection
Industrial storage tents installation
weather protection from industrial storage tents
  • Building

    Industrial Storage Tents x 6

  • Width

    5.00m - 15.00m

  • Length

    6.50m - 30.00m

  • Eave Height

    3.50m - 5.20m

  • Roof Type

    Single skin roof system


The client, a contractor involved in the inshore and offshore drilling and well services industry, contacted HTS as they needed some industrial storage tents for weather protection on their rigs.

The structures were needed to protect their hardware and machinery from harsh weather conditions in the winter and needed to be built around existing drilling apparatus. The client also needed the option to move them to protect new machinery during low climate conditions.


As the only industrial storage tents and temporary buildings manufacturer able to fullfil the client’s unusual specifications, HTS was chosen to design and produce 6 structures to protect the drilling equipment. Working alongside the drilling contractor, the HTS team of experts completed the installation using custom-built versions of the innovative L-SERIES.

This product range comes in a wide range of standard and bespoke clear span widths – ideal to meet the exact constraints of the drilling company. Their requirements included:

  • All six structures were fully customised to the precise size specifications ensuring they could be mounted around existing equipment and machinery and within the tight confines of the drilling rigs.
  • Standard HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings snow and wind loads were more than adequate to tolerate the extreme weather conditions.
  • Structures were positioned on concrete slabs and anchored into the ground using base plates and ground anchors; a method of installation that ensures easy dismantle and removal.
  • To improve working conditions for their staff, the drilling company installed heating systems inside each of the industrial tents.

The industrial storage tents were tailored to the following dimensions:

  • 15.00m x 30.00m x 5.20m  /  5.00m x 6.50m x 3.50m  /  15.00m x 24.00m x 5.20m  /  9.50m x 12.00m x 5.20m  /  11.50m x 24.00m x 5.20m  /  15.00m x 15.00m x 4.00m   /  5.00m x 7.50m x 3.50m


Once the custom-built industrial storage tents had been installed by HTS, the client was able to ensure that its valuable heavy drilling equipment was more than adequately protected, even during the harshest weather conditions.

The demountable nature of the structures also means they can be easily removed and reinstalled over machinery at different rigs or sites.