Large Prefabricated Warehouses for Global Car Manufacturer

Large Prefabricated Warehouses for Global Car Manufacturer
Large Prefabricated Warehouses for Global Car Manufacturer
Large Prefabricated Warehouses for Global Car Manufacturer
  • Building

    LX-SERIES large prefabricated warehouses

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Insulated


A logistics company in Turkey needed low cost warehousing space on one of their sites to provide additional storage for Ford Otosan automotive.   The warehousing needed to be provided quickly to ensure Ford could meet their customer delivery deadlines.  The location was also important as Ford has struggled to find warehousing in the area and were keen to reduce the high transport costs for moving parts from the warehouse to the factory.


Initially the logistics company was considering a steel structure but the cost and lead-time for this type of structure wasn’t viable.  Some further research led them to discover aluminum framed prefabricated warehouses and the low cost, fast, flexible and durable solution this type of structure could provide.   With HTS tentiQ being one of the primary global manufacturers of aluminum prefabricated warehouses the customer wasted no time in handing the project over.   The Turkish based Technical Sales Manager and the HTS Production Design Team in Germany working closely together to design, manufacture, deliver and install the following warehouses:

  • 2 x LX Series Warehouses 30.00m wide x 130.00m long x 6.20m wall height
  • Thermo insulated roof to protect from any condensation
  • Insulated composite wall panels
  • Full external guttering system including down pipes
  • The total storage area required was created by linking the two buildings together using a weather-proof gutter-linking system.
  • To ensure complete weather protection of goods, wall canopies were added over the loading bays along the length and width of the structure.
  • From enquiry to building handover took 3.5 weeks.


The logistics company were able to provide the right space for Ford Otosan at the right cost, the right time and in the right location.   This in turn mean Ford Otosan were able to meet their own customer delivery deadlines and could also reduce their transport costs.   The lower cost of the HTS buildings compared to a steel structure also meant the logistics company were able to recoup the investment much quicker through their lease contract with Ford Otosan.  No other solution was available that could have met and provided all these requirements and benefits.