Industrial Storage Canopies Protect Stock

industrial storage canopy in operation
Industrial storage canopy
Industrial storage canopy buildings
  • Building

    LC Series Storage Canopies

  • Width

    11.00 & 8.00m

  • Length

    20.00 & 10.00m

  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Single skin roof system


The customer needing industrial storage canopies for wet weather protection was a UK based tile wholesaler. The company had previous experience of working with HTS in 2016 when they purchased a bespoke small warehouse structure to store overflow stock. The building had fulfilled its role effectively and economically over the last two years, so when the company decided they needed some more basic cover for stock protection, they got back in touch with HTS.


For the first installation in 2016 the customer carried out the usual price comparison with other companies, but they were confident in choosing HTS because we manufacture and supply our own buildings, instead of just supply. For these additional two structures however they bypassed all other suppliers and came straight to HTS; assured in the knowledge that by being the manufacturer HTS can provide brand new buildings, manufactured to order for every project, complete with full warranties and at very low prices.

HTS supplied the following industrial storage canopies sited next to the warehouse and the first HTS structure:

  • 2 x Industrial storage canopies 11.00m x 20.00m x 4.00m and 8.00m x 10.00m x 4.00m
  • Economical single skin roof system, no walls
  • External gutter system and downpipes
  • Wind and snow structural calculations specific to the site and location
  • Full installation completed in 4 days


With three industrial structures on site, sited next to each other and the warehouse, the customer now has nearly 500 additional sq m of covered storage space. This not only ensures no stock goes to waste from rain damage, but it also means more stock can be stored at any one-time, allowing a healthy growth in trade and turnover.