Five Storage Tents Help Increase Production

two industrial storage tents linked
industrial storage canopy tent
inside industrial storage tent
  • Building

    LS Series Storage Tents & LC Series Storage Canopies

  • Width

    10.00 m - 20.00m

  • Length

    5.00 m - 35.00mm

  • Eave Height

    5.20 m - 6.20m

  • Roof Type

    Single Skin Roof System


The client that needed multiple industrial storage tents on one site are a global manufacturer of waste trucks. An increase in business activity meant that some equipment, stock and parts needed to be stored outside to create more room in the main warehouse building. The resulting need to then protect the equipment and stock from the elements set them on the path to their first storage tent and HTS.


The client initially looked at a broad range of solutions and types of storage solutions including permanent builds, steel structures and even the prospect of relocation.  With the business on an upward trend of growth and expansion they realised a solution that could offer more flexibility, speed and lower cost was required.  On-line research led them to temporary storage tents and a number of providers including HTS.

The professional handling of their enquiry and sales process, together with the understanding they were dealing directly with the main Industry Manufacturer, gave the client the confidence to choose HTS over other providers. The first storage tent provided was to the following specification:

  • Storage Tent 1: 10.00m wide x 10.00m long x 6.20m wall height / single layer PVC roof / single skin steel wall panels / personnel door and roller shutter door.

With the first project going smoothly and the building providing value to the site from day 1, the client wasted no time in contacting HTS later on in the year when they needed 4 more buildings to be able to release further warehouse and optional space in their main facilities. Installed at various locations around the site HTS provided 1 complete storage tent and 3 storage canopy tents:

  • Storage tent 2: 15.00m wide x 35.00m long x 5.20m side height with a single layer PVC roof / single skin steel wall panels / 2 x personnel door and a roller shutter door.
  • Canopy storage tents: 10.00m x 15.00m x 5.2m / 20.00m x 5.00m x 5.20m (2 structures) / single skin steel wall panels.
  • Build time: 10 days.


Quickly, at low cost and with ongoing flexibility the site has been able to free up more operational and warehouse space to produce more trucks, accommodate demand and increase turnover.

With five storage buildings now proving their worth, there are future plans for more structures to support the main workshop and stores operation.