Prefabricated Warehouse Building for Power Station Outages

prefabricated warehouse building for energy site
prefabricated warehouse buildng at power station
prefabricated warehouse building in situ at power station
  • Building

    L-Series Prefabricated Warehouse Building

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Insulated


The requirement for a prefabricated warehouse building came from a gas-fired power station. Owned and managed by one of the largest energy companies in the world the station was looking for additional space to store high value equipment required for a forthcoming outage. During previous outages they had used existing facilities on site, but over time realised these were not adequate enough, so they set about looking for a stand-alone unit specifically for this purpose.


Although the client spoke to other prefabricated warehouse building providers, it was HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings who impressed them the most. Choosing to work with the Industry Manufacturer on the project meant a warehouse was built to order, meeting site specific structural calculations as well as precise project needs. It also meant that they were working with a supplier who could easily meet their precise health and safety standards during the install works. With a build time of 5 days, HTS installed on the site the following building:

  • L-Series insulated prefab warehouse building
  • 15.00m wide by 25.00m long by 4.20m eave height
  • Thermo insulated roof to protect equipment from any condensation
  • Insulated composite wall panels
  • 2 pedestrian doors, 1 insulated roller shutter door
  • Full external guttering system including down pipes


The power station was able to get the extra on-site space they needed for future outages, quickly and cost-effectively. With no room for error during an outage programme, the prefabricated warehouse building provided also ensures the safety and security of the high value equipment that is essential for carrying out the critical maintenance work.