Temporary Vehicle Workshop for New Contract

Temporary Vehicle Workshop for New Contract
Temporary Vehicle Workshop for New Contract
Temporary Vehicle Workshop for New Contract
  • Building

    LT Series Prefab Workshop Building

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Insulated


The client requiring a temporary vehicle workshop was a national supplier of used vehicles, including cars, vans, fleet vehicles, motorbikes, caravans and motorhomes. When they secured a large new contract with a leading global manufacturer of fleet vans it was evident they didn’t have enough existing space to carry out the maintenance and inspection work.

As the client already had extensive experience of temporary workshops for vehicle storage and maintenance, they knew that they could solve the problem quickly and effectively, once the contract was secured. This also meant they didn’t need to make any major infrastructure changes or investments just to try and secure the contract – and run the risk of being over resourced if they didn’t actually win it.

The vehicle maintenance workshop needed to be able to accommodate vehicle ramps and office space.


The scale of the business and many different divisions and locations meant the client had used various temporary building providers in the past. Drawing on this existing knowledge, they contacted the previous suppliers but also added HTS to the tender list this time. Steel buildings were also considered as an option, but given the fast turnaround needed they quickly ruled this option out.

As is often the case, once the client realised that HTS is the main industry manufacturer and had previously been the primary trade supplier for other temporary building companies, the client understood they would be going directly to the ‘top’ if they chose and worked with HTS.

The building was specified along with a brand-new concrete pad which HTS worked closely on with the client.

HTS carried out full project management with their own technical sales and site management team and also ensured full post installation service and support was available at any time if required.

The final temporary vehicle workshop specified, manufactured, supplied and installed by HTS in under a week, was the following:

  • 1 x vehicle workshop 20.00m wide x 40.00m long x 4.20m eave height
  • Thermo insulated roof cover
  • Corrugated steel sheet wall panels
  • 4 x Personnel door units
  • 4 x Roller door units
  • External guttering and down-pipes
  • Installation 1 week onto a new concrete pad


The client was able to start the new contract on-time and at full capacity.

They also have the flexibility to keep the temporary vehicle workshop if the contract comes to an end, use it for a different purpose, or dismantle and sell it on the open market.