Temporary Workshop Building for Motorhomes

temporary workshop building
workshop temporary building for motorhomes
temporary workshop building
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    L-Series Temporary Workshop Building

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Customer Requirement

The requirement for a temporary workshop building was from a leading manufacturer of motorhomes and van conversions in the UK. Over 54 years leading the industry and the demand for motorhomes growing year on year was creating ongoing organic growth for the company and the need to expand their operation. They were therefore looking for additional space to accommodate the finishing and final detail of motorhomes before despatching to the dealers. This would then in turn free up more space in the main workshop building allowing them to increase production volume.


Although other building solutions were considered, the client quickly came to realise only a temporary workshop building would give them the fast turnaround time needed to capitalise on demand and a simple and easy build process that wouldn’t interrupt daily operations.
Luckily though, by choosing HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings as their partner they were able to get a building that was durable as well as quick and cost-effective. Warehouse and workshop buildings from HTS are engineered to meet the structural safety standards of each site, unlike other suppliers who usually offer structural calculations that are generic to regions or a country as a whole.
In addition, the frames on all HTS workshops and buildings are guaranteed for 10 years but structures are often in situ and operationally sound for double this time. Warranties are also provided on the wall and roof cladding and installation works.

Working over a four-day period the following building was installed by the HTS on-site management team.

  • Insulated workshop 15.00m wide by 10.00m long by 4.20m high
  • 1 x personnel doors
  • 3 x electric steel roller shutter door
  • UPVC guttering including down-pipes and lighting
  • Insulated composite wall panels
  • Roof and gable cover – industrial grade, air-filled white PVC coated fabric
  • Build time – 4 days


The temporary workshop building for ‘finishing work’ has now freed up more space in the main production building allowing the company to increase volume and work more efficiently. In addition, the speed and ease of installation meant there was no disruption to daily operations so production during the transition period could remain at full capacity.